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Learning in Public

learning ADHD
Why One of the primary reasons I decided to start this blog, was to begin a new practice of learning in public. This was a theme I saw from other folks on my Twitter timeline, and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve always considered myself a lifelong learner - but it’s only been something I’ve done on my own, and intentionally so. The idea of having an audience watch me struggle through something sounded like a nightmare. Read more...

My First Post

Hello, World! Welcome to my new blog. This is my first post on the tenth or so attempt at getting a personal website setup. Every previous attempt has failed due to no reason in particular. But I have a feeling this time I’ll stick with it 🎉. I’m hosting this site on a FreeBSD server running on the AWS cloud. The site is built with Hugo, and so far it’s been really easy to get going. Read more...
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